Travel Insurance


Travel Medical Insurance protects you in the event of an illness or injury when traveling outside of your country of residence or exchange aboard for short period. It provides key medical benefits in case of an emergency.


Patriot Exchange Program Insurance
Insured person must hold F1/F2,J1/J1, M1/M2 or A1/A2 visa.

Insured person must not be non-U.S. residents, need to hold H, B-1/B-2 visa, F1/F2,J1/J1, M1/M2 or A1/A2 visa.

Trip Insurance


The Trip policy provides coverage for trip cancellation, interruption, baggage, medical, and evacuation.

Plan introduction


International travel or join aboard exchange program can become a scary situation if you’re not prepared for a medical emergency. Choose the Travel insurance that meets your needs and spend more time enjoying your international experience—not worrying about your medical coverage.

Enrollment Step


Plan lookup


Complete your personal information: If applying as a family, you may include yourself, your spouse, and dependents on one application.


Customized your coverage: Select policy maximum limit and deductible amount as you need.


Receive an email: Includes an identification card, declaration of insurance.


  • If travel insutance can cover COVID-19?

    The America plus program and The Patriot Exchange Program can cover medical necessary COV19 related treatment and exam after deductible is meet if the condition is not pre-existing. For more information please visit website https://www.imglobal.com/coronavirus
  • How to download insurance id card?

    After you purchase the plan, you will receive an email with your ID number. Then you can go to the following link to download all policy documents: https://www.imglobal.com/member/plan-documents.
  • How to find a doctor and a submit cliam?

    • You can find a preferred provider using the link: https://www.smcovered.com/visit-a-doctor/find-a-doctor/ . After you enter the website, click “Find Care” and then you will be able to find a provider based on your condition or location.
    • You can register for a MyIMG account once the plan becomes effective, and you can file a claim online through your MyIMG account.
  • What is add-on rider?

    Add-on rider is addition coverage for a specific activity. For example, high school or college sporty injuries.
  • What the different between travel insurance and SM health insurance?

    There are two main differences between travel insurance and SM health insurance:

    • Coinsurance: Travel insurance plan can cover you for usual, reasonable, and customary medical expense after deductible for both in-network and out of network providers; SM health insurance plan pays coinsurance based on covered medical expenses for in-network providers.
    • Coverage: Travel insurance does not cover mental health service, preventive care service, pregnancy service, pre-existing conditions, and other medical expenses that SM health insurance plan covers.
  • How does the insurance company determine usual, reasonable, and customary medical charge?

    The insurance company may ask a third-party company to determine the average charge based on the region that the hospital is located, then insurance will pay 100% average price. If the hospital charged more than the average price, the exceed expense will be patients’ responsibility.
  • What type of network does the travel insurance use?

    Travel insurance plan uses UnitedHealthcare Options PPO network.
  • Can I get a refund if I am not completely satisfied with my insurance?

    For Patriot Exchange Program:

    • If you request for a refund within three (3) days from the initial effective date of coverage (the “Review Period”), you are qualified to receive a full refund and no cancellation fee will be charged.
    • After the Review Period, you may qualify for partial refund if no claims have been filed with the company and a cancellation fee of $50 will be charged.

    For Patriot America Plus:

    • To be eligible for trip cancellation reimbursement, you must cancel your trip due to one of the reasons covered in your policy. Depending on your choice of policy, qualified reasons could be limited to weather and family emergencies or illnesses, while others allow you to cancel your trip for any reason.
  • Can I use travel insurance at Student Health Center?

    • The Patriot Exchange Program can cover your medical expense at student health center.
    • The Patriot America Plus cannot cover your medical expense at student health center.
  • How long does it take to process my application and receive my ID card and other documents?

    If you are applying for coverage under the Patriot series of plans, IMG will process your application and send your ID card and other documents within one business day. Every attempt will be made to process your application timely. The specific time frame depends largely on the type of coverage for which you are applying.
  • How long will it take to process a claim?

    Complete Proof of Claim must be received by IMG prior to making any benefit determinations. Proof of Claim is defined within your plan or Certificate of Insurance. Once all information is received, then claims are promptly processed in accordance with industry standards. However, when additional information is required to complete the Proof of Claim, processing will be delayed. The insured will receive an Explanation of Benefits indicating what is needed for further consideration. Failure to comply may result in the insured’s claim being closed for lack of response.

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