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17 Jul

How to save $1,543 on University of Florida Health Insurance

July 17, 2019 /  In

By Kevin L. Licensed Insurance Producer   ——   Attending a US college can be financially stressful. The average fee to attend a private non-profit four-year university is $48,510 per year. For international students, the costs are even higher.   But do you know that you can save up to $1543 a year with insurance […]

7 Jul

Frustrated at UC Davis tuition? You can save $3700+ in 15 minutes

July 7, 2019 /  In

America is the most popular destination for international students but the costs to attend a university can be frustrating. The average fee to attend a private non-profit four-year university, including tuition and boarding expenses, is $48,510 per year. According to Statista, about 60% of international students are self-sponsored or supported by their families. The high […]

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